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Success case

We grew nearly 100% in two years, and the only change in marketing was the LinkedIn campaigns. 

It was really just because we were getting in front of the right people, matching up the timing of the sales opportunity. 

So overall, I think it’s a great investment with minimal spend, and the nice thing about it is it can scale.

Ryan Anderson


We connect you with the
decision makers

Presto is a personalized LinkedIn lead generation process that connects you to the decision makers.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Ideal Customer Profile definition

Lead list generation

LinkedIn Messages Management

Meeting Scheduling

Report Generation

Grow your B2B sales

Presto is a solution that finds your potential clients, creates deep relations and schedules meetings that close deals! 
We combine LinkedIn + AI + Marketing experts to help your business grow.

Why is Presto the right solution for your business?

Tools and qualified team

We use artificial intelligence tools that enable personalized solutions, such as Sales Navigator and Kontax.

Non-aggressive approach

We establish a friendly and positive relation with your potential customers. After all, people buy from people they trust.


The objective of our work is to achieve a connection rate above 20% and message response above 10%. In our work, we consistently achieve these numbers, although they are considered high.

Essential Package

Full profile optimization (up to 2 profiles)

Campaign set-up (value, customer profile, tone of voice)

Lead list generation

Hyper personalized messages – AI generated

Cadence (Linkedin profile visit, connection request, follow-up messages + E-mail)

Up to 600 monthly connection requests per profile

Daily profile monitoring and positive interaction profile summary

Connection requests via email import

Weekly campaign analysis and report

1 Profile

USD $ 465.00/mo

2 Profiles

USD $ 675.00/mo

Optional Design Package

Profile cover image + Verbal and visual content production + profile post management, including the individual and business profiles

4 posts/mo

USD $ 140.00

8 posts/mo

USD $ 200.00

Optional CRM Package

Lead qualification in your CRM (RD Station, Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Active Campaign among others)

1 profile

USD $125.00/mo

2 profiles

USD $200.00/mo

Activate Plan

Additional investments

US$100.00 /mo/profile

USD $ 50.00/mo/profile

(Presto special discount)

Platform that uses advanced Gen-Al technology for ultra-personalized active prospecting activities.

LinkedIn invitations and messages automation.

USD $ 79.99/mo/client

LinkedIn lead research tool.

Choice of monthly and annual plans.

Single Sales Navigator licence for each client.


Why should I use more than one LinkedIn profile to generate leads for my business?

In a campaign, the more profiles you use, the more messages and connection requests may be sent to more people and, therefore,  more results will be obtained. Also, expands the possibility of carrying out tests and prospecting different audiences and services.

Is Linkedin B2B Lead Generation a good fit for every business?

Yes! The B2B Active Prospecting service via LinkedIn may be used by any business that benefits from a direct relationship with its customers and leads. It is particularly effective in personalized sales processes where direct customer interaction is required. It has also been used with success for hiring, introducing new services and increasing customer success actions.

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What is the recommended messaging cadence for my new LinkedIn connections?

The first message to be sent is the connection request, after its acceptance we can start the interaction.

Until  the connection responds, our experience recommends sending up to 3 messages to get their attention. The first message is sent 1 day after the connection is accepted, the second message is sent 3 days after the first and, finally, the last message is sent 7 days after the second.

However, we know that each campaign is unique and, when necessary, we adjust the cadence to obtain better results.

Can I use one Kontax license for more than one profile?

No! Kontax operates on a single profile at a time.  It is necessary to purchase a Kontax license for each profile..

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What is the importance of Hashtags and Keywords on my LinkedIn profile?

Hashtags and keywords will improve the searchability of your profile. When used, the profile can be easily reached with the chosen words.

The keywords must be related to your career. For example, if you work in technology, use some hashtags that are specific to your field. You can also use hashtags that have higher mention volume, they have more strength.

Why is it important to connect with 500+ people on LinkedIn?

Networking is important! Both in the real world and on LinkedIn! LinkedIn’s algorithm values this aspect, making your profile appear in more search results and suggestions.

Also, people tend to accept connection requests from users who have more than 500 connections on the network.

What is my SSI (Social Selling Index) and how can I improve it?

The Social Selling Index is a metric created by LinkedIn that measures a profile’s sales force. A higher SSI increases your chances of success on LinkedIn.

SSI is a combination of 4 components:

  • Establish a professional brand.
  • Find the right people.
  • Engage with insights.
  • Build relationships.

Each of these 4 criteria above contributes up to 25 points out of a total of 100 achievable points.

A starting point to improve your SSI, you need to complete your LinkedIn profile and use keywords and hashtags.

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